They slowly approached her.

I won't quit, no matter what you say.

It's not the cloth that brings the money. It's the craftsmanship.

They abandoned the sinking ship.


I'll alert them.

These men are used to hard work.

I don't know why Sergiu went to Boston.


Josh gave Laurent some advice on how to pass multiple-choice tests.

I could read between the lines that he wanted me to resign.

I've made a decision.

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I don't need your protection.

I didn't benefit from this exchange.

He could not go on a trip for lack of money.

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Is Meehan lucid?

Lex can tell you more about that than I can.

I promise you I won't stay out too late.

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Did you tell Maria about this?

That's the biggest grasshopper I've ever seen.

Do you still remember how to do it?

Ritchey isn't going to tolerate this.

You might not want to buy that much sugar.

What experience do you have in this field?

No one suspected her.

Meeks made a campfire.

I followed Tandy into the living room.

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Even a little boy knows this.


She's been shot!

He was easily able to solve the problem.

Mysore is young and attractive.

Doug is a fortune teller.

Taking care of the boy is a great drain on her energies.

The president has grave responsibilities.

The total at the bottom of the page is carried forward.

I want Christina to continue doing things just the way he's been doing them.

Answer me this.

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The man whom she is going to marry is an astronaut.


My grandmother cooked for five.

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Drawing on my fine mastery of the English language, I said nothing.

May we smoke during the break?

She forgot to turn off the light.

Did you see the cowboy movie on TV last night?

Pontus arrived at the train station at 3 o'clock.

Izen moved back to the shadows, hiding behind the throne once more.

Those animals' behavior is absurd.

I think perhaps I can help Pierette.

She sat down near her.

I'm offering to help you now.

I figured it was easier to do it this way.


They wash their hands with soap.

Everyone has the right to personal liberty.

I found something that I think you might want to read.

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Do you know how long they have been married?

I saw him smoking a cigarette.

He's young, naive and inexperienced.

Well, you have a man.

The infantry soldier is only a pawn in the game of war.

Ken is Graham's brother, not her father.

You don't have to trouble yourselves.

Stephe doesn't look busy.

He really likes the United States.

I know why you did it.

Think about what I said to you.

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That is one of the most hideous paintings I have ever seen.

Jack is an early riser.

I have to clean my room.

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Tigger escaped from the castle, disguised as a woman.


Should you change your mind, let me know.


For a while, I was really into cola- drinking it every day.

Gordon refused to talk to George.

But I will always be honest with you about the challenges we face.

I couldn't hear the sound well.

Aren't you the sly one?

Who wears the blue tshirt?

How do I know you're not just making this up?


The important thing is that they are all fine.

What time will you be back?

Jorge fluctuates between having an exaggerated sense of her own importance and an inferiority complex.


I'm too short.

In this city there are 249 neighborhoods.

I thought Jesus would know not to do that.

It's too late to turn back now.

You've been missed.

Rakhal has probably never driven a truck.

It won't work out.

Moran might have fooled you, but he won't fool me!

What was I gonna say?

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The guy standing over there is Randell.

He can't speak much English.

I get the distinct impression that somebody doesn't want Will to leave.

The refugees' stories are heartbreaking.

The appropriate age for marriage is around eighteen for girls and thirty-seven for men.

I saw a strange man with dark glasses loitering near the girls bathroom.

Briggs will agree with me.

I thought I was dying.

She's on vacation.


You need to disappear before they find you.

Decision to disallow Medicaid for second cochlea implant withdrawn.

Ralph pretended to be deaf.

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For a bit of a change from red meat, for tonight I've cooked turkey breasts in mushroom sauce.

I like to add basil to season my spaghetti sauce.

When the milk turns sour, I'm not the kind of pussy to drink it.


Leigh must've done it.

It's very hot during the summer.

I assume you've heard about Lila's promotion.

The TV antenna broke away in last night's storm.

I'm still grieving from the death of my eldest son.

Keep your hands on the wheel.

I didn't work yesterday.


Will you permit me to go there?

Jeremy is a bit of a nitpicker.

They have sugar.

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I didnt know they had real bears in the city, so it was cute to watch them!


It will threaten the prosperity of the town.

I can't be held responsible.

I hate maths.


I saw the mouldering ruin of an abbey overrun with ivy, and the taper spire of a village church rising from the brow of a neighboring hill.

She had matured into an excellent woman.

I just feel like I'm not doing what you expect me to do.

It's fun and exciting.

You cannot be too careful when you choose your job.

What does she look like?

My wife just had a baby.


She is getting better day by day.

Winter changed to spring.

This is far the best of all.

I don't have time to help you with your homework.

What kind of fish is that?

You bought (it).

This medicine helps relieve muscle pain.

Mehrdad and Gregor are always careful.

Candidness and transparency, information and communication are the basis of mutual trust.


No animals are to be found on the island.


He went to London two years ago.

What's the remaining time?

We must have those parts by Monday afternoon.

What should I get Pandora for Christmas?

Tigger doesn't know the system.

This is very cool.

Are you a twin?

Jerrie is studying in his room now.

Connie never told me exactly how he and Matthias met each other.

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Did you know Nadeem had a twin brother?

I'll buy the first round.

Don't be so sharp with the children.

Do we have your permission to leave?

Too much praise will turn her head.

She's in the yard.

In the morning I greet people with "Good morning" That's an abbreviation for "I wish you a good morning" or "Have a good morning".

The sun is at the center of our solar system.

Kinch spotted Carsten and Conchita flirting together.

I am undressing.

How many students are there in your university?

How can rattlesnakes localise their prey and track it through grass and bushes, after they wound it, if they're fully deaf?

If she doesn't love you, what's the problem? You can love yourself.

It's the sort of day when you'd like to stay in bed.

I'm so wasted.

They admitted her to the hospital.

What led you to believe so?

I've been searching for Maria.

The French are often wrong.

I'll never be as good as you.

Do you have any children you haven't told me about?

Yes, I think you ought to go.

My father was a gentle, easy-going person.


Sridhar wondered why Blayne did that.

It's like a scene from a movie, isn't it?

You always make such nonsense!

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Only God can safely be omnipotent.